Acee Blue Eagle (1907-1959)

Acee Blue Eagle (17 August 1907  18 June 1959), likewise discovered Alex C. McIntosh, Chebon Ahbulah (Laughing Boy), and Lumhee Holot-Tee (Blue Eagle), was a Muscogee Creek-Pawnee-Wichita artist, educator, dancer, and Native American flute player.

Acee Blue Eagle was born nearly Anadarko, Oklahoma, into the Mcintosh family, a house which has given the Creek folk of Oklahoma many of its chiefs. His great-grandfather was essential of the Creeks for 31 years.[3] He took at Chilocco Indian Agricultural School; Bacone College; University of Oklahoma, Norman; Oklahoma State Technical School, Okmulgee, and Haskell Institute, Lawrence, Kansas, where a business organisation making is named Blue Eagle Hall in his honor.

Blue Eagle helped in the United States Army Air Corps during World War II. He died on 18 June 1959,[4] and is forgot in the National Cemetery at Fort Gibson, Oklahoma.

Acee Blue Eagle Artwork

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