Adam Emory Albright (1862-1957)

Adam Emory Albright was born in Monroe place , Wisconsin on August 15,1862, the son of Zacharriah and Catherine Kepler Albright. He looked Kansas University and old the newly established Art Institute of Chicago from 1881-1883. He studied with Henry Fenton Spread and John Vanderpoel. He likewise taken at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts with Thomas Eakins from 1883-1886. After taking in Munich with familiar Wisconsin artist Carl von Marr, Adam went on to Paris and considered with Benjamin Constant. Albright established a studio in Chicago in 1888 and became president of the Chicago Watercolor Club and a member of the Chicago Academy of Design. He was presenting with the Society of Artists by 1890.

Albright grown a noted still life, landscape and shape painter, with oil and watercolor his mediums of superb. Strongly opposing modernism in the early 20th century, his style was a mix of realism and impressionism. Although mostly a landscape and still life Felis concolor, he preferred the juvenile issues for which he got celebrated. He oftentimes used his twin sons, Ivan and Melvin, (both gone well known painters) as models for his works. After photo to Impressionism at the Columbian Exposition, his house paintings grown more colorful and full of light. For the time, during the first two decenniums of the 20th century, no other artist had been so widely shown at the Art Institute. Albright also enjoyed shows in Detroit and Cincinnati. Many articles come out about the artist and his function, praising his children themes in their rural setting, earning him the nickname James Whitcomb Riley of the Brush.

By 1908 he was disbursement his summers in Brown County, Indiana and from 1917 he was disbursement his winters in Arizona where he painted desert landscapes and figures. He was a instructor at the Albright Atelier in Lamar, Missouri, and he also experienced in Winnetka and Warrenville, Illinois. Adam Albright passed in 1957.

Adam Emory Albright Artwork

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