Adelaide Alsop Robineau (1865-1929)

Robineau, Adelaide Alsop(1865-1929) potter; born in Middletown, Conn. Getting as a china room decorator, she studied painting with William Merritt Chase. Marriage to Samuel E. Robineau (1899) led to their publication of the monthly Keramik Studio and a 1901 move to Syracuse, N.Y., where they showed her studio, Four Winds. In 1903 she started making clear porcelain vases in the art nouveau style, narrowing in delicate inscribed and openwork medallion. At the 1911 Turin exhibition, her 55 porcelains, notably her Scarab Vase, were declared best in the world. Her artistry and paid teaching drew numerous grants and honors.

Adelaide Alsop Robineau Artwork

Adam Shaw (born 1957)Adam Shaw Artwork

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