Adolfo Mller-Ury (1862-1947)

Adolfo's Self-Portrait
Mller-Ury was a Swiss-American portrait artist: b. Airolo, Switzerland, 28 March 1864. He was cultivated at the world schools and at Sarnen and grown a pupil of Deschwanden at Stans, Switzerland, after which he introduced the Munich Academy and then went to Paris to study under (1881-83) Cabanel. From 1883-85 he worked at Rome and came to the United States in 1886. He has done many another canvases on spiritual topics but his paintings are largely portraits, among which see Pope Pius X, several cardinals, Bishop Kennedy (1907), some English nobleness and other European personages. In this country he has painted among different portraits those of President McKinley, Senator and Mrs, General Grant, and others.

Adolfo Mller-Ury Artwork

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