Agnes Martin (1912-2004)

Agnes Martin
Agnes Martin was an American-Canadian painter famous for her pared-down abstract abstractions. In pale swathes of color lined with pencil, Martins art emerged out of the ethos of Abstract Expressionism while preceding Minimalisms sparse intensity. Despite the formal rigor of Martins pattern, she was not strain for perfectionrather, wrought by Taoist and other eastern doctrines, she felt her art was a observation of the patterns of nature. As a result, Martin gentle many of her abstract works after natural phenomena, such as White Flower (1960) or Night Sea (1963). Nature is like parting a drape, you go into it. I want to draw a certain reception like this, she once stated. My paintings are about blending, about formlessness. Born on March 22, 1912 in Macklin, Canada, she moved to New York to study art education at the Columbia University Teachers College in the 1940s. Later communion a studio building with Ellsworth Kelly, Robert Indiana, Lenore Tawney, and others in Coenties Slip in Lower Manhattan, she became drawn in natural phenomena while also having from paranoid dementia praecox. She left the city for the relative closing off of New Mexico in 1968, living and exercising of a self-made adobe homes for the balance of her life. Martin died on December 16, 2004 in Taos, NM at the age of 92. A major retrospective expo was held at the Guggenheim Museum in New York in 2016. Today, her functions are held in the solicitations of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the "National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C", and others.

Agnes Martin Artwork

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