Al Jaffee (born 1921)

Al Jaffee
Al Jaffee begun writing and drawing professionally in 1940, after graduating from the High School of Music and Art in New York. He first worked for Stan Lee at Timely (now Marvel) Comics. In Front his lifetime career at "Mad magazine", Jaffee went on the Hugh Hefnerpublished Trump, and with fellow creators Harvey Kurtzman, Arnold Roth, and Will Elder, published and contributed to Humbug. When Humbug closed in 1958, Jaffee was involved back to MAD by editor Al Feldstein. Jaffees earmark have, the Fold-In, was thought as a one-time laugh for the magazine, but publisher William Gaines idolized it, and it quickly gone one of its most popular features. Jaffee is still producing the Fold-In for MAD, and to date has made more than four hundred. Other holds for MAD Jaffee created accept Hawks & Doves, and Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions, which Jaffee still gives.

Beside to his work at MAD magazine, Jaffee wrote and drew Tall Tales, a wordless comic feature that ran in the New York Herald Tribune Syndicate from 1957 to 1963. More than 5 dozen books of original material and separates of his work have been published. Jaffee has gave instances to Playboy, Esquire, and Wired magazines, different national pressing campaigns, and has drawn covers for Batman and Superman funny books.

Awards include the "Harvey Award for Best Cartoonist/Writer" in 2001, four class Harvey Awards; the Reuben, the highest award from the "National Cartoonists Society", as 2007s Cartoonist of the Year; the "Sergio from the Comic Art Professional Society (CAPS)"; and the Inkpot from San Diego Comic Con. and more awards awarded to Al Jaffee.

Al Jaffee Artwork

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