Alan Saret (born 1944)

Alan Saret was an American, born in 1944. He is is a Post-Minimalist sculptor, draftsman, and installing artist, known for his Anti-Form wire sculptures. Born in New York City, Saret attended Cornell University where he taken under Paolo Soleri, and took a BA in architecture in 1966. For the following two years, Saret took studio forms at Hunter College where he met his mentor and friend Robert Morris. During this time, he also gone as an engineer for Port Authority, framing plans for major projects taking Newark Airport. He got the Gang Drawings series in 1967, which were in the first place meant as alpha sketches for his sculptures. Saret refers to these works as the gang drawings because he applies a fistful (or gang) of colored pencils. His sculptures are non-figurative forms made with various types of wire in different colors, textures, and thicknesses. Rubber, wire engagement, cloth, sulfur, palms, and wood are commonly installed on the ground, or dependent from the cap. Each sculpture is an try out in which the artist plays with the distinct techniques of tying, knotting, and border wire together. Saret reports his wire sculptures as being the one and the some, a unified, multifaceted, and compound object.

In 1968, Saret taken his first solo read at the Bykert Gallery in N Y. He was given a Visiting Artist in Sculpture office at the University of California at Irvine and received a Guggenheim Award for Sculpture in 1969. From 1971 to 1973 he did some world traveling and passed a lot of time in India studying the spiritual and spiritual views of art. This trip to India played a essential role in his artistic growing. Using the same media, Saret one these new ideas of spiritism and created mystical pictures like Sana Whir Will (1983), which was very several from the straightforward gestural pictures visited in his earlier, Half Circles & Sweep Circuit (1967) for instance.

Afterward returning to New York, Saret given the "ALAEL Foundation", which left him to severally raise his work in a quest for self-fulfillment and enlightenment through art. At Artpark in Lewiston, NY, he set up a hand-made wire mesh tower sanctuary for meditation entitled Ghosehouse (1975). That like year he received a National Endowment for the Arts Award and the CAPS Award for Mixed Media. In the 1980s, Saret removed himself from the commercial art world. He presently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

 Alan Saret Artwork

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