Albert Bloch (1882–1961)

Albert Bloch (1882–1961) was the single American artist connected with der Blaue Reiter (the Blue Rider), an essential group of modern artists involved in Munich, Germany, from 1911 to 1914. Bloch, who traveled to Germany to create drawings and impersonations for the Saint Louis–based weekly Reedy's Mirror, was invited to show with the Blaue Reiter by Vasily Kandinsky. He grown well familiar with Kandinsky and other members of the Blaue Reiter, forming an especially strong friendship with Franz Marc. Passim his manse in Germany (1909–1922), Bloch was active in painting, drawing, and printmaking. Totally 37 of his known prints were made while he was in Germany, and all 37 will be exposed at the Spencer Museum of Art, thanks to good loans from the Albert Bloch Foundation. In 1923, Bloch granted a place as full professor in the Department of Drawing and Painting at the University of Kansas, where he worked until his retirement in 1947. In plus to the prints already observed, this exhibition takes drawings from throughout Bloch’s life history, most of them loans from the Albert Bloch Foundation, as well as some of Bloch's paintings owned by the Spencer Museum of Art.

Albert Bloch Artwork

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