Albert Kresch (born 1922)

Albert Kresch was born on July 4, 1922, in Scranton, Pa., Mr. Kresch concerned New York and took with Hans Hoffmann during the early 1940's. He established at the first artists' co-operative drift in the city, the Jane Street Gallery, and then instructed for some years. He was in the circle of figurative painters that included Leland Bell, Louisa Mattiasdottir, Nell Blaine and Robert de Niro Sr., and you see these friendships in the shows here.

There are about 35 landscape paintings, most of them very small and totally delectable, all recently painted. They are pictures of Maine, Nova Scotia and the Catskills. The style can set you in mind of Ryder and Derain. The surface is dry, thick educated, with color carrying the sign weight. Colors are bright, contrasting jolts of yellow, blue, orange and red, in jazzily geometric, off-kilter forms. The scenes are sweetly broken, closely determined and attached evocations of summer and come.

Albert Kresch Artwork

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