Bob Ross (1942-1995)

The full name of Bob Ross is "Robert Norman Ross". He was born on October 29, 1942, Daytona Beach, Florida, U S, and died in 4 July 1995, also in Florida, New Smyrna Beach. He is a famous painter and television personality whose popular PBS television express The Joy of Painting (1983-94) made him a home name as the painting instructor to the masses. Bob Ross was raised in Orlando, Florida. After additional one year of high school and making for a time as a carpenter with his father, Ross engaged at age 18 in the United States Air Force. While sent in Alaska, he considered his first picture class at a U.S.O. club in the gone 1960s. However, he taken the technique that would hold his careerthe wet-on-wet (alla prima) oil painting techniquefrom television painting teacher Bill Alexander, whose show, The Magic of Oil Painting, aired on PBS from 1974 to 1982. The wet-on-wet technique taken applying oil paint on top of still-wet oil paint, rather than ready between layers for the paint to dry. This allowed the composing to be completed speedily, which made the technique especially legal for the half-hour television program structure. Ross painted prolifically while attending in the martial and sold paintings of the Alaskan landscape to tourists. In 1981 he retired from the military and sought out close painting examples with Alexander, finally taking the direct of (and trying much more productive than) his instructor on PBS. The Joy of Painting premiered in 1983 and run 11 years.

Ross seen a loveable hippie role, sporting a permed afro and denim shirts and jeans and a soothing and good speaking voice that made the viewer feel as if it were a corporal, one-on-one painting lesson. He also surprised viewers with his smooth painting method, creating particular landscapes over the run of 30 minutes with the help of a housepainting brushwood and a palette knife, chatting and offering words of encouragement as he painted. Over the years, his folksy set about and sources to prosperous little trees and clouds endeared him cold to his fans. Ross went on to market his painting technique and establish a staggeringly productive company (Bob Ross Inc.) merchandisings instructional books, videos, and a line of art caters and offering painting shops with teachers took in his method, all of which continued to be paying in the 21st century. He died of lymphoma decease at age 52.

Bob Ross Artwork

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